Aaron Colvard (The Thief of Void)
'They wait for he who shall return to Nothing, and use it's Power to make all else Disappear
Full Name Aaron Colvard
Nicknames He eventually starts going by Alex
Age 19
Height 5' 6
Weight 170 pounds
Gender Male
Race Human
Alliance Good
Home Earth, now it's 'Land of Alloy and Cadavers'
Franchise DCstuck (A Dimensional Clash fan-session of Sburb)

Aaron Colvard, AKA the Thief of Void, is an OC character created by gantzgun74 for the Fan-Session of Sburb, a reality warping game from the widely popular series Homestuck, known for now as DCstuck. Though DCstuck is still very much under construction and is still in it's planning stages (Though the storyline has begun officially in the Dimensional Clash forums), Aaron is a character that's been thought out and planned through since before DCstuck's official creation. As such, he is almost completely developed, save for the uncompleted story he has in DCstuck.

Aaron, or 'Alex' as he comes to be known later on in the game, at first, is a mellow person in the early stages of the story, save for his lack of patience and general no-nonsense personality, well shown during his conversations with Nora Shank and Richard Roberson. Despite this however, Aaron is still generally a nice guy, and plays a decently sized role in DCstuck.