Adolaine "Ado" Kenneth Normiaki(則巻アドレ Normiaki Adou) is the main proganist of the upcoming fanfiction, manga, and anime called Moth Eri made by KingoftheAlchemist. Ado was born in the moutains and his father left the family 2 days ago before he was even born. He had a brother named Hao whom is now deceased and a Sister named Hikari. when their brother moved Their mother felt really sad. when he was 10 he was trained in the art of PSI and Aura Power.


Mucieine: Long time friend but later a Love Intrest

Cloud: Good Friends but sometimes Rivals.

Kira: Rival but later became friends


Giegue: the one responsible for his father moving so he could rule.

Kira: Used to be Rivals


Aura Swing: a Bat swing that is powerful than his normal bat

Water Swing: it can be used in fire only.

Ultra Swing: the most powerful bat move

Aura Ball: He throws big balls of aura

Adolaine Normiaki
Adolaine "Ado" Kenneth Normiaki




Hao(Deceased Brother) Hikari(Sister) Sheruki(Mother) Nautuia(Deceased Cousin) Mucineine(Future Wife)


Mucineine(later in a relationship) Kira(Half Rival half friend)


Aura Bat, Bat of time, Aqua Nat


Utra Ado, Dark Ado, Shadow Clock Ado,

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