The Apartment Complex is a building in Void City that is used to house residents of the island. Sometimes these homes are taken up because their residents prefer a place to stay when keeping an eye on Dimensional Island, while other times it's because the residents are trapped on the island.

Mario's ApartmentEdit

Home of the legendary Mario; he still has his home in Toad Town.

The Eds' ApartmentEdit

Home of Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy.

Skylark ApartmentEdit

Home of Skylark.

Jeff Smith's ApartmentEdit

Home of Jeff Smith.

Soterios' ApartmentEdit

Home of Soterios.

Tanachu's ApartmentEdit

Home of Tanachu.

Otto and Wally's ApartmentEdit

Home of Otto Shinryu and Wally Kisaragi.

Naoya's ApartmentEdit

Home of Naoya's Apartment.

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