These are the characters applied for use in Dimensional Clash.

Character articles generally start off with the {{infobox character}} template. The format beyond that can be modified to the author's specifications, though they're usually separated into the main sections of "Background," "Arrival," other sections describing a general sense of their activities on Dimensional Island, "Personality," "Weapons," "Powers/Abilites," "Skills," and "Trivia." If the character has a first and last name, {{DEFAULTSORT:Last, First}} is placed at the end of the article to sort the character on all categories by their last name.

Characters are sub-categorized based on the types listed below. These articles are listed into licensing type (Canon, Fan, or Original), franchises (original series are listed as franchises despite not being licensed profit makers), gender (Males or Females), alliance (Good, Evil, or Neutral), special abilities that generally other characters can possess (like psychics--multiple franchises with those--or martial arts users--a fairly common skill, even in the real world), and roleplayers (listed as "Nameofroleplayer's applicants").


This category has the following 8 subcategories, out of 8 total.







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