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Dale is also a 12 year old Mother/Earthbound OC that was suppose to debut in Mother Chronicles, along side with Nick.


Dale is the younger twin brother of Nick and son to Milenia & Lee, which happens to currently reside in a huge house in the country nearby Grand Forge Town. Whenever friends or strangers encounter him, he can be easily mistaken as Nick because they are identical twins. He shows to like watching television and playing video games to a moderation, mostly interested in playing board games and other things. Considered as a Chronological/Defensive PSI User since he has control over time and his PSI is mainly defensive.


He shows to have a fear of being picked on others, timid among strangers and anything scary. However, he likes being helpful and being friendly, but doesn't seem he has many friends, except his brother Nick who seemed to understand him well. He lacks confidence in himself because of his past and shows to be afraid to do new things unless someone is there to help him, however, he is very kind and caring once the character gets to know him.

Roles on Dimensional ClashEdit

He appears alongside with Nick, Ness, and the others in threads by pknova2010.


  • Ness
  • Nick
  • Lloyd
  • Ana
  • Henry
  • Sydney (?)
  • Kuruno (?)


  • Kendel


Since birth, Dale has chronological/PSI abilities.

Learned PSI AbilitiesEdit

  • PSI Magnet
  • PSI Shield
  • Defense Up/Defense Down
  • PK Hope
  • PSI LifeUp
  • Telepathy
  • PK Chrono
  • PSI Healing
  • Psych Transfer - Dale gives up some of his PSI energy to an ally to recover PP.
  • Teleport
  • Hypnosis
  • Channeling (Ability Swap)

Learned Chronological AbiltiesEdit

  • Foresight
  • Chrono Speed - Dale can manipulate time around him, making him faster than anything else, during this. It's been known to be useful, but it eventually fades off.


Dale shows to be a good swimmer, climber, helper, but the part is he isn't a good fighter until someone helps him to become one or if the situation gets tough.


  • In "Unusual Intentions", Dale reminds Ness of Lucas due to his timid nature.
  • Dale can have visions of a future event unexpectly if he senses an alternate timeline.
  • The Rope Snake Dale has seem to be a lot calmer than the one Duster has. Whenever he's not talking, he is resting easy on Dale's shoulders.
  • Nick and Dale are 'rare' twins since they have been chosen by two astrological spirits, Pollux and Castor, since birth.
  • Since Nick and Dale absorbed the power of the Chrono/Dimensional Gems, after revealing a prophecy, their powers are heightened.