Lobazotah, usually referred to as Loba, is one of SWL's most-used characters on Dimensional Clash. She is the twin sister of Lobo, whom she bares uncanny resemblence to, even for twins. She is said to have a hatred for Pit, but they have not yet interacted on the board.

Character Edit

Physical appearance Edit

Loba is said to be 5'1 and around 100 pounds, with a lithe build. She has red eyes and somewhat tanned skin, with black, shoulder-length hair with two long pieces that hide her pointed ears. She has black, feathered wings on her back. She wears a black, sleeveless unitard ending a bit above her thighs, a dark blue toga shredded at the bottom, a spiked belt for a sash, a blue choker, black, elbow-length gloves, purple spiked gloves, and black combat boots that come to her thighs. While she is chronlogically 21, her physical age is comparable to a 14-year-old at most. Before she was turned into a Dark Angel by her extended stay in the Underworld, she was said to have brown hair and green eyes.

Character traits Edit

Loba, while once a neutral character, has now turned to the side of evil, changing her personality with her alliance. She does not care what happens to her brother anymore, aside from not wanting to fight him, and if she is forced to, promises to make his death quick. She shows a hatred for the side of good, and anything related to it. She appears to have a love for fighting, and when in the Tower of Challenges, considers monsters created by dark mana to be a waste. Loba appears to be the leader of the group focusing on using the Four Relics and Sixteen Shards to recreate the world in darkness.

Powers and skills Edit

Loba possesses the ability to fly, reaching speeds up to 70 mph with a strong wind on her side. She is also an accomplished swordswoman and archer, wielding the Cursed Bow of Medusa, the dark counterpart to the Sacred Bow of Palutena. While she prefers to fight at close range, she can fight at long range, but not as well. She can use dark energy in the air to create objects, such as shields, a power shared by her brother. Her signature move is the X-slash, in which she crosses her split blades together, then cutting diagonally, creating an X-shape.