Although being one of the most active DC member, he tends to lack RPing on the site. TSIFAN's more like one of those guys you see in the Cbox at random, with more than 10 clones at the same time for god knows why. He probably has too many tabs. He owns a DeviantArt account and goes by There-She-Is-Fan, but despite this fandom he tends to forget to draw TSI itself anyways. He's a Fan of Pokemon, Anime, Romance, Drama, Adventure, Video Games, Vocaloids and much more. He tends to try and take the position of Junior Apprentice to FirebreathFishslap, but never knows whether is truly is or not. Despite that, he has fun being on her side when causing mayhem. He's a tad insane, and all his OCs hate his guts. The fact that he has over a 100 may contribute to why they're so dangerous. Bashton's his main evil guy as he's pretty the only one whom actually manage to take control of the computer while locking TSIFAN in a cage so far. Special events with his OCs include 'Toasty Tuesday' in which TSIFAN is burnt on a stake and then used as a fire to roast marshmallows. TSIFAN tends to be quiet, but insanely twisted at times. He's not so much of a chatter box and always loses as debates as he seems to have a Kagamine Len Fetish, but we don't know for sure. He's Asian, but is quite the idiot as he tends to get lost in conversations. On DC his main RP buddy is SilverWolfLAgus, and RPs with her on a different Chatango. TSIFAN's Iscribble account is TSIFAN, and there he RPs with other people and draws. TSIFAN doesn't really exist. And he has a deep love for animals. Thus why he doesn't ever ask for FirebreathFishslap to post. If he is deprived of a daily dosage of Len for one day he WILL kill someone. His animal is the Rabbit, and he's by no means afraid of murdering anyone who believes he's prey. When's he's a wererabbit he's Tr- *Static*