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"We're... doing this... WITHOUT you!!! You're hurt! You can barely stand, and I can hold you down no problem! We goin' in, you ain't!! Got it!?"
Full Name Tanachu X. Pikachu
Nicknames Tana, Cappy, and some names that are not fit for print.
Age 18
Height 1'4
Weight 14 pounds
Gender Female
Race Pikachu (Shimmerian)
Alliance Good, but she has the makings of a Heroic Sociopath.
Home Shimmer Islands
Franchise Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Tanachu is a Pokemon OC created by Silver Wolf Laguz, and is one of her most-used characters on the forum. She speaks with a heavy southern accent, which her older sister oddly lacks. Her most defining traits are her foolhardy courage and her love of hats, although she is only ever seen wearing one specific hat.


Tanachu is from the Shimmer Islands. She has an older sister, a blue-and-green Pikachu named Surfachu. What happened to their parents, we may never know. Anyways, her job is to keep the islands safe because her sister is usually off doing rescue work with her team (Alobinzard the albino Charizard, Mooneon the cynical Lunareon, and Suneon the womanizer Solareon) and because nobody really wanted the job. Being the village idiot strongest person in the village, the job was assigned to her. Her own little band of misfits consists of Miles the smart Feraligatr, Teala the Flygon goddess, Uziami the Lucario who is prone to bad luck, Mheetu the Luxio, and Tua the Luxio, Mheetus' older sister. Her main nemesis is Darknite, the evil Dragonite with very poorly-exceuted schemes. Oh, and if she's your future, you're history pretty much covered. Yeah, that works.

Roles on Dimensional ClashEdit

Tanachu, though first applied in 2008, never saw any true action until late 2009, when the Four Relics and Sixteen Shards thread started. Her bio redo was in April 2009. And even before Silver Wolf Laguz heard of Dimensional Clash, Tanachu was one of her forst original characters.

She is first seen in the 'relic of the storm, shard of the jungle' thread in the Rainforest, and is first seen slamming Lobo (played by Silver Wolf Laguz as well) into a tree with her Thunderpunch. She quickly joins the heroes in the south, along with Mheetu. She joined to fight Anti Tana, her evil counterpart, and any other villains she may encounter along the way. She forms a secret alliance with Night the albino Lucario (played by Night sky) to protect Lobo and Musei (played by Tsifan) in case he is occupied by the enemy. She later encounters Evan (played by Tsifan), and paralyzes the boy with a Thunderbolt-gone-array. Mheetu cures the boy, and the heroes find the relic Thunderstorm and the jungle Shard, and run into Lib (played by Silver Wolf Laguz) while they flee the undeniably-pissed villains, not knowing that the dragon has two kids hostage.

In the 'Hostages' thread in Giant's Lake, Tanachu fights the villains to attempt to save the two kids held hostage, who are later revealed as Li'l D and Phil (both played by Silver Wolf Laguz) after their rescue. She succeeds in temporaily knocking out Lib, and tries to take down several villains. The heroes fail when Night is thrown into the lake and Kanto (played by Tsifan) is also thrown in. Although they are saved, Evan is taken hostage when the villains head out for Canopy City with their new ally, Malefor (played by Night sky). Tanachu manages to pin Night down along enough to enourage him to get some rest, saying that the rest of the heroes will get the shard in the village and rescue Evan. She seemed to have started a rivalry with Li'l D.

In the 'Shard of tbe Sun' thread, she is one of the first heroes to arrive in Canopy City, along with Li'l D. She takes her fight into the trees, at first outnumbered by the villains. She mainly focuses on Loba (until the dark angel played by Silver Wolf Laguz is distracted by Li'l D) and Zenaku, displaying her vast array of attacks. Mheetu and her combined attacks later on, and was later jojned by her north-bound companions, Teala and Uziami (both played by Silver Wolf Laguz). In the climax of the fight, she combines thunder and fire with Li'l D, Phil and Blaze the Houndoom (played by Night Sky) to finish off a weakened Bashton (played by Tsifan). The villains retreat, and Tanachu meets all of Team Shadows for the first time. The group splits up to handle two separate tasks in the east and north, and Tanachu opts to go with the east-bound group, along with Mheetu, Night, Blaze, Kanto, Langey (played by Tsifan), Musei and Scythe (played by Tsifan).

Shortly after arriving at the Arena in 'Wisdom Relic', Tanachu registers and leaves to Bonsai Village to recruit two of her old companions, Frezespook the Froslass and Heavyweight the giant Rampardos. Her future role is expected to be continuing with the heroes.


Tanachu is sassy, loud-mouthed and generally displays a rude nature, except when in the presence of her older sister, Surfachu. She also has a love for hats, though it is wondered why she only wears one specific hat,


Tanachu has the abilities of a standard Pikachu, though as a Shimmerian Pokemon, she displays a higher resistance to Poke Balls, the ability to have more than four attacks without being a divine being or training, and a resistance to darkness.


Tanachu is a strong fighter, displaying much physical strength for her size and species. Her preferred attacks are mostly punches, particually Thunderpunch. She also knows how to use a gun, though the talent has not been displayed in the forum yet. Perhaps her most amazing skill is the fact that her team hasn't tried to kill her yet!


Although Tanachu does not need a weapon, she likes to carry a "Discharge Gun" around inside her hat. The gun's bullets range from ordinary to magic-infused with special abilities.


  • According to her creator, Tanachu is the leader of Team SOS only because she beat the previous leader, Miles, in a fight.
  • Her name is a combination of 'tan', referring to her slightly-darker-than-usual fur, and 'Pikachu', her species.
  • She was born a Pikachu instead of a Pichu.
  • She has been confirmed to be paired up with Mheetu later.
  • Tanachu's favorite food is crawfish, and her least favorite is brocoli.