Time Squad is the Cartoon Network original series about a police force from the future going back in time to correct historical inaccuracies.



The Time Squad satellite seen on the show


The History Instability Alarm goes off whenever historical inaccuracies occur.

The series starts out in the year 100 Million and is centered around a large police organization that monitors history and corrects it when it goes wrong; each team consists of one officer and one robot. According to Larry in "Napoleon Conquered," as time grew older, it began to decay, or unravel like an old rope. Subtle changes would happen at one point, which would snowball into disastrous inaccuracies in later points at history. For example, Paul Revere is given a horse for his birthday as a child. But due to historical inaccuracies, his father ends up picking the wilder horse which frightened young Paul. By the time of 1775, Paul Revere is too terrified of horses to make his important ride through Lexington and Concord. Time Squad monitors for these inaccuracies, though they only manage to detect them by the time they've already changed history drastically. When they are detected, a team is dispatched to the time and place of the event where they quickly and efficiently set the course of history straight again.

The series follows the three-man team of Buck Tuddrussel, Larry 3000, and Otto Osworth. Tuddrussel and Larry are a haphazardly paired team who know nothing about the subject of history and constantly clash with each other. They leave on a mission in the 18th century when they accidentally land in the 21st century and come across the orphaned history whiz named Otto. Despite the fact that taking individuals out of their time periods is a violation of Time Squad rules, Otto becomes the third member of the team and their success rate drastically improves.

Connection to Dimensional ClashEdit

The three main characters as they are portrayed in Dimensional Clash are a year or so older than they are in the series. They are given a back story between the series and their arrival on Dimensional Island that involves Time Squad Central discovering Otto. Thanks to a little legal backup from Tuddrussel's ex-wife, Sheila Sternwell, Otto is allowed to stay in the future and Tuddrussel and Larry keep their jobs (albeit being demoted for a month).

A miscalculation by Larry during one of their missions lands them in Dimensional Island, and the interference from multiple timelines keeps sucking them back when they try to escape. The three lease an apartment which they use as a temporary headquarters until they can find a way to permanently escape the island. Until then, all they can do is temporarily leave to handle their missions.

Characters in Dimensional ClashEdit

The following characters are either from the series or were created for it; they are applied for and roleplayed in Dimensional Clash.